Visiting Muse Productions LLC

Inspiring Braver Change Leaders

As the founding Director of Visiting Muse Productions LLC, Sarah Ross consults with clients to activate their leadership skills to create organizational change toward equity, diversity, and inclusion initiative goals. She coaches individuals and groups to practice the interpersonal skills needed to thrive in the global 21st Century workplace, including communicating authentically across difference, establishing trust for scaffolding and building sustainable collaboration, understanding how workplace culture can be changed toward a learning and growth mindset, systems thinking, and moving from good intentions to action in pursuit of racially equitable institutions and socially just communities.

Get in Touch with Your Muse

Contact Sarah to begin a conversation today about your team’s leadership capacity and how you would like to grow to become more effective change makers. Sarah develops tailored curricular goals and designs custom-fit workshops, team retreats, keynote addresses, conference presentations, and themed series of shorter presentations for company and association group meetings. Across formats, participants appreciate Sarah’s memorable mix of stories, theory, reflection, skills practice, and meaningful team activities.

To explore any of these services, please contact Sarah at  Need inspiration? See example event titles below. Have ideas? Contact Sarah to get started swiftly.

Biography of the Visiting Muse

Before she was named the Visiting Muse, Sarah worked for more than a decade on university and technical institute campuses in Washington and California as an educator and administrator of international education, institutional partnerships, and global engagement programs. Throughout this time she served actively as a change agent for campus diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and participated in and facilitated social justice practice workshops and seminars. Sarah currently holds an appointment as a Lecturer in the Communication Leadership graduate program at the University of Washington. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Oberlin College, a Master in Public Administration from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, a Master of Arts in International Studies from the Jackson School of International Studies, and a Certificate in International Development Policy and Management from the University of Washington.  Raised in Arkansas, she left to attend college in Ohio, and later served as an Oberlin Shansi Fellow to Indonesia. In addition to Indonesia, Sarah has lived in Sri Lanka, France, and India, and has long called Seattle home.

Event Topics

Engaging Across Difference: How to Broach Tough Topics for Mutual Understanding

Engaging Across Difference: Rethinking Civil Discourse in Contentious Times

Diversity Paradigms: How Our Unspoken Expectations Undermine Common Cause and What to Do Instead

Skeptics Welcome Here: A Facilitated Conversation About the Need for Our Change Initiative

Let’s Talk About Race: a Warm-up Workshop for the Ambivalent & Wary

Leadership Team Retreat: Leading Organizational Change Collaboratively

Stop Intending and Start Doing: How to  Kick-start Your Change Initiatives

Understanding Transnational American Lives: How to Get Over the False Dichotomy of International and Domestic Identities and Better Serve the Real Public

Change is Not a Four Letter Word: How Your Attitude Toward Change Can Energize Change Initiatives

Re-tuning Our Self Talk: How Our Inner Beliefs About Change Can Hold Us Back or Set Us Free

Workplace Culture in the Driver’s Seat: How Our Values and Mindset Can Transform Our Organization

Building for Tomorrow When Everyday Feels Uncertain: Self and Team Management for Leading Change

Facilitative Leadership: Growing Your Confidence to Lead Uncommonly and Uncommonly Well

Wholistic Change: How Understanding the Root Sources of Resistance Can Transform Our Struggle and Move Us All Forward